Month: April 2022

You should be ashamed!

It strikes me that we live in a period of no shame in public life. By ‘public life’ I mean celebrities, whether by profession or notoriety, elected members of any party, and those who put themselves in the public eye. However, mainstream and social media are quick to publicly shame some people who would prefer…

By Steviemac 29 April 2022 0

Treaty Centre: the death of Debenhams.

If I were marketing commercial space in a shopping mall, like Hounslow’s Treaty Centre, I would have described Debenhams as being the anchor of the site. It was a well known department store and one of its roles was to draw shoppers in the area so they could visit other shops in the building. But…

By Steviemac 22 April 2022 0

The spring garden

The fresh leaves and the sunshine invited my camera out into the garden. In particular, to record the spiky tulips that Frances has grown in pots. I wanted to capture them before they wither. They are a powerful pink. More Gay Pride than common-or-garden. The other red and yellow tulips looked up to them, because…

By Steviemac 15 April 2022 1