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The spring garden

The fresh leaves and the sunshine invited my camera out into the garden. In particular, to record the spiky tulips that Frances has grown in pots. I wanted to capture them before they wither. They are a powerful pink. More Gay Pride than common-or-garden. The other red and yellow tulips looked up to them, because…

By Steviemac 15 April 2022 1

Why is HP ink so expensive?

The cost of printing the image on the right is prohibitive. And yet that is the best way to see how successful the image is in terms of focus and exposure. I took direction from Which magazine and tried a couple of sites that sell their version of HP cartridges. The savings were not huge.…

By Steviemac 15 September 2021 0

A print run of one

I suppose it may be classified as ‘vanity publishing’ but I would encourage any photographer to produce a book of photos by ‘print on demand’ company My experience shows it has sharpened my photography and provided a handy sized means of showing my photography. There is a big difference between posting photos to Instagram,…

By Steviemac 26 August 2021 0