My hot week

12 August 2022 0 By Steviemac

We have created a routine to enjoy the sunny weather while not subjecting ourselves to the risk of frying. 

Essential watering takes place late evening, which at the moment is just before 8pm. That is when F will water those plants who need it, ideally so they can hold onto the water that would dry out if watered during the swelter of the day.

We heard today that drought orders are in place for most of central, south, and south-east England. We have not heard that Thames has instituted a hose pipe ban as yet. I am becoming concerned for the wider impact on crops and food supplies from now on. 

It still looks like Liz Truss will win the Tory leadership contest in September. I am almost keeping up with comment on social media and broadsheet journalism. I have decided that she needs to be taken seriously, and she had been setting out her themes for premiership, and I go along with them as being ‘Thatcherite’. But, she also has the Johnsonian habit of withdrawing the policy idea as soon as there is adverse comment in the right wing media. 

Thus far I can hear the mood music of her campaign, but I cannot discern what her vision for the country will be. She is more gung-ho than Sunak as far as tax cuts are concerned, but stays level on the ‘wokeness’ moral panic that they are waiving in front of Tory members. 

Today I received my first copy of ‘Writing’ magazine. The first article I read gave good advice on short stories, even though it referenced the wrong short story to be discussed. In fact, the whole edition, plus supplement, was focussed on creating better short stories with examples from famous writers. 

For example, it suggested creating a short timeframe for the story to focus the readers attention on the imminent ending. I also picked up the importance of setting out clues or hints at the start of the story that would aid the ending. I remember doing that with my ‘Good Old Jimmy’ story when I described the woman with a wounded hand in A&E. 

What I have not done is to describe the emotional state of my characters in my writing. I am okay with describing how they move and how tall they are, but seldom what they are thinking in the dramatic moments of the story.