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It feels like ever since I bought books on writing I have been writing very little.
Those books are to help people who feel they have a novel inside them. That’s not my aim. In fact, I should be perfectly happy with putting together a regular blog on non-fiction topics, or things that make me laugh.
Even better if I can make readers laugh.

By hand is better?

So, how can a fountain pen improve the notes I put into my Bullet Journal?
I had a clutch of fineliners for different thicknesses of line and text. Those pens appeared in YouTube videos by BuJo users, as did the pastel-coloured brush pens for those who love to decorate their pages and collections with swirling flowers or lines.
My preference was much more ‘minimalist’. I now find that the slower pace of writing with a fountain pen has improved the clarity of my penmanship. I no longer have different thicknesses of lines. I use an underline for emphasis. The text is thicker than the fineliner, although the nib is graded as ‘fine’. So is this my future BuJo technique?

BuJo backs it up

Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the Bullet Journal, makes a virtue of a slower, considered way of working with the bullet journal. The revisiting of tasks and projects as part of monthly practice, and the associated ‘mindfulness’, is part of the philosophy. So a slower means of writing is clearly ideal for bullet journalling, and has improved the quality and clarity of my handwriting.


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