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Why should it be ‘Either/Or’. Why should managing my time and listing my tasks be purely in the digital space?

I have chosen my Bullet Journal as the hub of all my activities and projects. What I have rejected is using Evernote Desktop as the space to show the day’s activities and associated documents. I still need a space to save copies of documents I receive, such as contracts and insurances. That is something that a Bullet Journal could not manage. I realise I could add the title of the document and simply copy that text into the Evernote search bar to retrieve the document. That should begin with a Tag, and filter to the document in Evernote from there.

I have just invented, at this keyboard, a means of referencing the digital space with analogue media. My creativity in business systems has not deserted me.

I need to make a decision. I mean about the app I will use to draft the text for my WordPress blog entries. At present I appear to be torn between the familiarity of the calendar driven MacJournal, and the complexity and utility of Scrivener.

I have a You Tube video that guides the user through using Scrivener for scheduling. I can see the sense of the app facilitating the writer working to a deadline. However, Scrivener does not have the facility to send an email or message to he writer, telling him/me to get back to writing because the deadline is approaching.


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