MacJournal: such a great app!

I have been using MacJournal since 2006 and I am still finding talents that surprise me. Only yesterday I found a new way to add PDFs of documents to my monthly journal. I can use MJ to store PDFs of my incoming correspondence and use the scheduling fields to remind me when I need to reply.

I also just found that I can create an entry in Apple Calendar from MacJournal. So while I am journalling, I don’t need to switch applications when I need to add an appointment to my Calendar.

The ability to create Smart Journals that contain entries of a given specification is especially useful for collecting entries at particular stages of development. For example, when I am drafting a blog post, at the initial idea stage, I will label the post as ‘Not Started’. As I add more text and the ideas begin to flow, I will change the label to ‘Underway’. That will automatically move it to the Smart Journal I created for entries at the ‘Underway’ stage.

However, I have been unable to post to my WordPress blog directly from my MacJournal entry, via ‘Share’ in the MJ menu. have checked this with the MacJournal author, Dan Schimpf, and he said there should be no problem. I wonder if my problem relates to my WordPress site being hosted by I have yet to find out.

Returning to document storage, I am also able to tag documents so I can search for subjects, for instance ‘car insurance’. That way I could see how my car insurance costs have changed over time, or whether there are significant changes to terms and conditions.

I have set up my MJ monthly journals within a Document for 2022. I create a new journal for each month, and write entries as a diary. But I also use that month’s journal to store PDFs of any statement or bill that I receive during the month. I colour code those documents that relate to my car, for example. So I can scan down the list of entries in a month and quickly see how many relate to the car.

MJ can also store documents created in Mac OS applications such as the word-processing app Pages. In this case MJ saves a link to the Pages document, and when the icon is clicked opens the document in Pages.


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